Birds fly. Not a great revelation to a bird owner. However, birds can fly into lots of trouble if
precautions are not taken by the owner. Inside, a bird can fly into windows and mirrors, boiling
liquids on the stove, and ceiling fans. Birds are prone to a startle reflex when suddenly
frightened. Even a hand-raised bird's instincts tell him to attempt to fly off when frightened. If
the bird's wings are clipped, it will flutter harmlessly to the ground-if not, this could result in the
loss of a bird.
Wing clipping is one way in which you can control your bird's movements. Wing clipping is done
by trimming some or all of the primary flight feathers, which are the long feathers that help the
bird gain altitude when flying. Proper clipping will limit your bird's ability to a gentle downward
glide, which will let you then pick him up and put him back on his perch.
If you've ever held your bird and felt as though eight sharp needles were piercing your skin,
you probably know that nail clipping is important. Regular clipping keeps the nails at a
manageable length, protects your delicate skin and makes it more comfortable for the bird to
sit on its perch.
There are few pet groomers who are willing to clip a bird's nails and wings. However, our
knowledgeable staff will gladly clip your bird's nails and wings whenever needed, even if you
bought your bird somewhere else. We do wing and nail grooming Tuesday through Saturday, 9
A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  No appointment needed.
Magnolia Bird Farm