Magnolia Bird Farm
About Our Business

The year 1955 was a big year for Anaheim California: Walt Disney gave
the keys to the Magic Kingdom to the city, the now closed Belisle's
Restaurant began serving its huge platters of food, and Frank Miser, Sr.
opened the Magnolia Bird Farm. Since that time Disney became a
world-wide conglomerate, Belisle's has been replaced by a hotel, and
Frank and the Bird Farm have come to be known
all over the world.
It takes a great deal of love to dedicate over fifty years to the residents
of the Bird Farm, and that love is obvious to all who visit the stores. The
goal of everyone in the company is to educate and inform the public
about proper bird care, and to see that every customer leaves the store
with the right bird for his or her particular lifestyle.
The staff makes every attempt to answer questions, to give help with
selecting cages and accessories, and to address any concerns that bird
owners might have about their pets. They even do wing and nail clipping
for all customers, no matter where they bought their birds.
We are one
of the few pet supply companies who are willing and able to
properly groom birds.
For bird owners going away on a trip, the Bird Farm offers boarding in a
clean and secure room at very affordable prices.
Note that we are not a
long-term boarding facility.  The maximum stay is 4 weeks.

Our Hours of Operation:
Tuesday through Saturday,  9 AM to 5 PM
Closed Sunday, Monday and Holidays.
12200 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside 92503
8990 Cerritos Avenue, Anaheim  92804
Both stores  also offer car service-call when you get to
the parking lot.
For wing and nail clipping, please call before coming in.
If you have a bird to sell, please call us.

Our hours: Tues.-Sat. 9 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed Sunday & Monday


2020 has been a year unlike any seen by us at the Magnolia Bird
Farm.       As the pandemic has changed everyone's lives, it has also
affected the availability of birds.
Since 1955 we have always had a generous inventory of birds from
Finches up through the largest parrots. Today, not so.
The number of airlines willing to carry live birds has shrunk to only two.
In addition, those two airlines have cut the number of flights available to  
carry those birds. This affects our ability to bring birds in from other
parts of the country.   Local breeders are not as plentiful as they once
were, so again, our inventory is affected negatively.

This information is being offered so that you understand that when you
call or come in to our stores looking for a certain bird, we may tell you
that we have none. Or, if you call, and we say yes we have that bird, by
the time you drive here it may very well have been purchased by another
customer in the time it takes to have that conversation with you.
We ask for your patience until things once again return to normal.