Bird Toys
Birds are intelligent creatures, and because they are so intelligent,
they need constant mental stimulation. One way to meet this need is
through toys designed specifically for the bird.

You may have seen, or even have, a bird that exhibits undesirable
behaviors such as screaming and feather-picking. This can be due to
pent-up energy that needs to get out somehow. Providing the proper
toy will give your bird something else to focus on and a way to burn
that extra energy.

When you come into our stores you will see a large variety of toys of
every size and style. Each type of bird requires a specific size toy,
and we can help you select the right one for your bird.

A few guidelines:
*   Smaller birds like parakeets and cockatiels do well with bells,       
small wooden toys, rope toys--scale is important here--too large        
and the bird will be afraid.

*   Large birds like Macaws and Cockatoos do well with large blocks,  
wood, leather, and durable rope toys. Never give a parrot a small      
toy designed for a parakeet or the like.  A large parrot can tear it       
apart  in minutes, and the small pieces are dangerous if ingested.

*   Quality bird toys should be colored with only natural substances
like food coloring.  

*   Look for fasteners that cannot be opened by your bird (they can  
be very clever).
Magnolia Bird Farm
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